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Bryant Critcher, the mad man behind Android Monkey Designs, was
raised and educated in North Carolina. Armed with an insatiable curiosity,
eye for detail and a talent for silliness, he has spent the last thirty years
trying to learn and experience everything that this world has to offer. But
hardly a hedonistic glutton or a straight arrow, this strange soul spends his
time balancing his love of the unknown, monkeys and robots while
alphabetizing the canned goods in his pantry.
When Bryant is not busy working as a graphic
designer, he also enjoys fine art painting, interior
design and photography. He has also worked as a
journalist, actor and spent several years in the
theater directing, producing and writing. He also spent
time designing and building costumes and sets. In his
free time, he likes to read and quietly work on a novel
that will never see the light of day. He also has a
great love of film and television of all kinds. He is
currently looking for a tree that grows money so he
can continue expanding his collection of DVD’s.
Bryant Critcher


500 White Laurel Lane
Boone, NC 28607