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I am Bryant Critcher, the mad man behind Android Monkey Studio, and I
live and work in the wilds of western North Carolina. Armed with an insatiable
curiosity, eye for detail, and a talent for silliness, I have spent the last forty
years trying to learn and experience everything that this world has to offer.
Hardly a hedonistic glutton or a straight arrow, my strange soul spends time
balancing a love of the unknown, monkeys, and robots while alphabetizing
the canned goods in my pantry.
When I am not busy working as an artist, I also enjoy
graphic design, interior design, and photography. To
round out an eclectic career I have also worked as a
journalist, actor, and spent several years in the
theater directing, producing and writing. Some of my
earlier work involved designing and building costumes
and sets. I also have a great love of film and
television of all kinds. To that end, I am currently
looking for a tree that grows money so I can continue
expanding my collection of DVD’s.
Bryant Critcher


210 Roy E. Brown Road
Vilas, NC 28692