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Can you imagine it? Can you dream it? We can build it!

I am Bryant Critcher and welcome to my laboratory, Android Monkey Studio. I
specialize in fine art and illustration with a whimsical and fantastical twist. Working
from the idea of visual storytelling, I like to create in acrylic, watercolor, or pen and
ink unique scenes that either come from fantasy or the amazing Appalachian
Mountains where I reside. I weave between the real and unreal, dreams and
beauty, earth-bound or space-worthy while taking almost thirty years of artistic
experience to some interesting places.

So welcome to the lab. This is where we bring the fantastic to life!
Please contact me if you are interested in
viewing or purchasing available work.
Commissions are encouraged.

Android Monkey Studio... flipping the
switch and bringing things to life!
Bryant Critcher


210 Roy E. Brown Road
Vilas, NC 28692